Welcome Page

Welcome Everyone!

Moon Lake is a 32 acre lake located just 4.2 miles from Lewiston, in Oscoda County, in the state of Michigan, United States, near Garland Village, MI.

It is the mission of the Moon Lake POA board of directors to secure a safe and prosperous future for the community of Moon Lake. We will work hard at keeping the best interest of our members in our decision making in regard to all common properties. Our goal is to maintain a Moon Lake community

The Lake

Location - Michigan's Northern Lower Peninsula, just southeast of the town of Lewiston in Greenwood Township.

Size - 32 acres

Fish Species - Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Bluegill, Sunfish & Rock Bass.

The Clubhouse & Office

Clubhouse/Office phone # 989-786-9070

5172 Woodridge Rd (no mail receptacle!!!)

Payments (dues) should be made by mail if at all possible to the association address -

P.O. Box 446

Lewiston, MI 49756.


Members, please call for access to the Clubhouse.....

If you wish to use the Clubhouse for events or to play pool , cards, darts or games and you are a member in good standing please contact:

Children under 18 y/o must be accompanied by an adult.

The MLPOA Clubhouse is available for rental by members for parties and meetings. A rental fee of $25.00/day is required. The key will be available the night before if needed for set up. The person or persons renting the clubhouse will be responsible for all clean up and trash removal which must be completed by the day following the rental. Please check with the treasurer to see if a date is available and to get an agreement form.

The Pool & Bath House is Open!!!

Pool Hours of Operation

Bath House opens - 9:00 AM

Pool opens - 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

with the exception of the three Major Holiday weekends

(Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day)

Holiday weekend hours - 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Sat. & Sun

Rules and Regulations

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - No lifeguard on duty

Glass containers are PROHIBITED

Parents MUST accompany children 14 years of age or younger

Valid membership cards must be available for review at all times

Members must sign in daily with emergency contact name, phone number and/or address

Pool capacity is limited to 60 persons

Number of member guests over TWO will be limited at the discretion of the attendant

Proper bathing attire required - no cutoffs

No open cuts or sores permitted in the pool

No pets permitted

Shower required before swimming and after suntan oil use

No running, rowdiness or foul language permitted

No smoking within the fenced in area of the pool

Remove your own refuse

Do not remove furniture or equipment from Moon Lake facilities

Rafts are prohibited. Tubes are only allowed with a life jacket.

BAD WEATHER RULE - After the pool closes due to bad weather it may be reopened by decision of the pool attendant or any member of the board of directors.

GOOD WEATHER RULE - On extra hot days the pool may remain open longer at the discretion of the pool attendant or any member of the board of directors.

Pool house phone number is 989-786-2002

Please Do Not Call Members of the Board

Zeeb's Landing

Perfect for Barbecues and Picnic events. Located on the shore of Moon Lake and right next to the pool! The POA hosts barbecues here during the summer.

Peninsula Park


The grounds at the Park and Boat Ramp are being kept up through our volunteers as well. The park has been once again cleaned up and is waiting for your families to enjoy a picnic, along with fishing before winter returns. The playground equipment is in excellent shape and is anxious for the little ones to visit.

Remove your own refuse

No open fires permitted

Boat parking is prohibited

No motorized vehicles permitted

Camping and overnight use is prohibited

Boat Launch & Beach


Pets, fires, fishing, glass containers, boats and motorized vehicles all are prohibited

Remove your own refuse



10 hp motors maximum permitted from 9AM to 7PM

State of Michigan Boating and fishing regulations in effect

Boat parking between boundary signs only, May 1st to November 1st

Boats must be identified by Michigan boat license or by owner's name and lot#

Car washing is prohibited


Any use of land on the lakeshores above the prevailing waterline is prohibited without the approval of the lakefront property owner

Those who choose to fish from shore may do so on their own property or at the Boat Ramp, Peninsula Park, and the Clubhouse frontages on Moon lake and from the small access at the southeast corner of Woodridge Lake off Greenlawn Court, or from State Land at the west end of Woodridge Lake only.


*** Please send all HOA Dues to P.O. Box 446 Lewiston, MI 49756 ***